Srinivas Gowda (Buffalo Racer) also called Kambala Jockey is an Internet sensation and his record running with buffaloes in just 13.62 made him overnight star,from Anand Mahindra to Shashi Tharoor
to Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda everyone has urged to Goverment
to promote the hidden talent of Srinivasa by giving him required
facilities,Let us know more of Srinivasa Gowda (Buffalo Racer) Biography,Wiki,Age,Height,Family & More :-

Quick Stats :-

Age :- 28 years
Born in :- 1991
Height :- 5’8″ feet

Personal Information :-

Name :- Srinivasa Gowda
Father :- Dombayya (Coolie)
Mother :- Late Girija
Nationality :- Indian
Religion :- Hindu
Hometown :- Mudbidri,Mangaluru,Karnataka
Educational Qualification :- To pursue his career in Buffalo racing,left school at early age.

Srinivasa gowda

Some Interesting Facts about Srinivasa Gowda :-

  • Hails from Mudbidri town in Karnataka,Srinivasa is actually a
    construction worke.
  • Since childhood he has keen interest in Buffalo racing
    and that was the main reason he left his studies at early
    to make his career.
  • Known to be the best Buffalo racers in the Kambala events
    held in Karnataka
    also people call him Kambala Jockey.Gowda is also in trend for his muscular body and his 8 packs abs.
  • Has won 29 Awards in 12 Kambala races so far.
  • Came into limelight for his video in which he ran 142.5
    meters in 13.62 seconds with Buffaloes in Traditional Bull
    Racing Sport Kambala.

Getting appreciation to Turning down the Big offer :-

  • Usain Bolt has a record of completing 100 metres in 9.58 seconds
    made in 2009 at Berlin World Athletics Championship but someone calculated it from his 142.5 meters speed and mentioned that Srinivasa will take less time than that i.e. 9.55 seconds.
  • Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju has called Srinivisa for trials by top
    SAI coaches after the recommendation of the industrialist
    Anand Mahindra.
  • Kiren Rajiju mentioned in one of his tweet on twitter that
    “I’ll ensure that no talents in India are left out untested”.
  • Not only this Srinivas has been praised by Shashi Tharoor
    and tweeted “Faster than Usain Bolt?Karnataka Man Running
    with Buffaloes Covers 100 metres in just 9.55 seconds.I urge the Athletics Association of India to take this man under their wing
    & make an Olympic champion of him.Wonder how many hidden talents we have!
Srinivasa Gowda Video Running with his Buffaloes in Mud.
  • After getting recognition overnight,he has stated in one of the interview that the credit is also should be given to his Buffaloes
    for his success.
  • Since Srinivasa came into limelight,he soon became the hope
    for India for Olympics also the sports minister Kiren Rijiju
    booked his rail tickets for trails but clearing all the air,
    Srinivasa seems to have turned down the offer stating that
    the “Kambala season left him exhausted and he even not sure
    if he could make his mark for SAI trails”.
  • On Comparison with Usain Bolt, In an Interview with ANI of Srinivasa Gowda,he said that “He(Bolt) is a World Champion,I’m only running in a slushy Paddy field“.