Mahendra Singh Dhoni is someone who doesn’t need any type of
introduction,but to introduce formally,he has been one of
the successful Indian Captain and has led Indian Team for
3 ICC major trophies like 2007 T20 World Cup,2011 World Cup and
2013 Champions Trophy World Cup and recently the Champions has completed 15 years in Indian Cricket,Let us continue to more about MS Dhoni Biography: 15 Years to Champion :-

Age,Born,Caste and Study of Mahendra Singh Dhoni :-

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni Comes from Ranchi,born on 7th July 1981 (38 years) in Ranchi Bihar.
  • Belongs to a Rajput caste of a middle class family.
  • Dhoni father’s name is Pan Singh and Mother name is Devki Devi.
MS Dhoni age,Images,Wife,family,Wikipedia,Caste
MS Dhoni Real family photo :- Father,Mother and Wife Sakshi
  • He also has a elder brother named Narendra Singh Dhoni.
  • Dhoni completed his studies from Dav Jawahar Vidya Mandir,Ranchi,Jharkhand and is a drop out of college St.Xaviers College.

MSD Career in Kharagpur Railway Station :-

Someone who joined Kharagpur Railway Station as a Traveler Ticket Examiner (TTE) for the happiness of his parents while with a thought of representing Team India his heart had never thought his dream would ever come true.

Dhoni used to participate in various cricketing competition in schools and later after becoming TTE,he continued playing cricket for Central Coal Fields Limited which later got him a place for A division team because of his performance.

Dhoni made his Ranji Debut in 1999-2000 season.It was his spectacular performance which caught the attention of Saurav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri which earned him a place in Indian team and he made his ODI debut for Indian cricket team in 2004 against Bangladesh although he out on a Duck on that match.

Start of his Cricket Journey :-

Dhoni has been someone who was happy while playing at State level,he said once in a Interview but fate had different players for him,he became captain of Indian Team for 2007 T20 World Cup after the recommendation of Sachin Tendulkar after that he never turned back.

Soon after he was handed over the captaincy of Indian Odi team after the successful even of T20 world cup and he remained captained for 2016 before he handed over the captaincy to Virat Kohli.Under his Captaincy
India won the first ever CB series in Australia in 2008-2009.

In 2008 he became the Test Captain of Team India and has become No.1 Test Captain ever for India also in his Captaincy India became the No.1 Test team and became the first ever team to win Test series in New Zealand.

Winning World Cup is every nations dream and Dhoni with his mind and clear objective led Indian team to win the 2011 World Cup happened in India and gave a memorable farewell to Sachin Tendulkar.

MSD also captained team India in 2015 World Cup however Indian Team got knock out in Semis as we lost to Australian Team.

IPL Journey of MSD :-

MSD has been the most successful captain after Rohit Sharma,as he led Chennai Super Kings to 3 important IPL titles i.e. 2010,2011 and 2018 and has been accepted by CSK fans openly,he has been called “Thalla”(Means brother) by his fans.Dhoni has also captained Rising Pune SuperGiants when CSK was banned.

One of the Conversation with GoodTimes interview :-

Q)How does he keep yourself so cool?

A)He mentioned that he Don’t think about the Result,its the result that could pressure on us.

Q)On being asked Dhoni,about the instances that he could never forget?

A)Dhoni mentioned 2 instances :-

1)Surely,World cup and dhoni six was a historical moment in cricket history but Dhoni Personally feels that after the win of T20 world in 2007 when they were heading from Airport to Wankhede,looking people smiling,out of their cars and taking photographs while jamming the road on either side of their bus is something he can’t forget.

MS Dhoni age,Images,Wife,family,Wikipedia,Caste
Dhoni with T20I Trophy

2)Dhoni mentions that he is someone who doesn’t get goosebumps easily but During the 2011 World Cup when 10-20 runs needed to win on the finals and the whole stadium chanting Vande Matram which actually got him goosebumps.

Some Least Known/Interesting Facts About MSD :-

  • While interview for Panerai event,he stated that people thinks 7 is his lucky number but it is not actually however he was born on 7th July.
  • Although Dhoni Hails from Ranchi,but he is very thankful to people of Tamilnadu who have adopted him and given him so much of love also called him with the name “Thalla
  • Dhoni being the fittest in Indian cricket team considers himself a old school guy he loves having tea be it before practice or after practice.
  • Dhoni likes watches and formed a passion for watches after 2005 after he came to know from seniors about watches,Panerai watch is most favorite brand in watches and there are 2 limited edition of his name.
  • For Dhoni,It was all started out of fun with bit of luck involved,be it playing cricket in school days and later becoming the India’s Greatest Captain.
  • Dhoni has the concept of “Honest to yourself,if you are honest with yourself only then you can honest with others” and observe your shortcomings.
  • When he was in Ranchi,there is a Shop Bhatia Sports where he used to go to buy Shuttlecocks.

First Encounter with Sachin Tendulkar :-

  • He first Met Sachin Tendulkar during Dilip Trophy match in 2001,although Dhoni was not playing in that match but when
    he came to serve water bottles to other players,Sachin also
    asked him “Can I also get a water bottle“?Dhoni without giving
    second thought handed the bottle to him.
  • Aakash chopra and Dhoni used to play for the same team of India-18 and once being a senior player Aakash asked Dhoni to get a haircut since he had long hairs else he won’t get consider for selection but Dhoni said “Kya Pata Hum India Ke Liye bhi Khel Le Or Ek Din Sabhi Aisa Hairstyle Rakhna Shuru Kar DeyTranslation :- Who Knows if we ever start playing for India someday and may be everyone start to keep the hairstyle like us?
  • MSD scored his first century against Pakistan,playing at no.3 and was the only Indian player to have scored 148 runs in his first century at that time.

Promoting Himself Over Yuvraj In 2011 World Cup :-

  • Nobody forgets the World Cup 2011 final match,but do you know after Virat got out,It was Yuvraj who was supposed to come for Bat?When It was asked to Dhoni as to why he had promoted himself,he mentioned that It was a calculative decision as at that time Murlidharan was Bowling and I having played with him for CSK team,and was aware of his tactics and wanted to make easier for other batsmen to play.
Mahi with 2011 World Cup Trophy
  • While giving interview to CNN IBN Dhoni confronted to have
    had tears in his eyes after 2011 world cup win however no camera man couldn’t capture it.
  • Although having received lots of flacks for his Test Captaincy,
    Dhoni has been India’s successful Captain as India has won 27 Test matches under his captaincy.
  • Only Indian Captain to have won ICC 3 major event trophies,
    2007 T20 World Cup,2011 ODI World cup and 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.
  • You may not be aware but the fact is whenever Dhoni travels
    with Sakshi during his overseas tours,he only has Sakshi’s hand cooked food.
  • Being a passionate player he is,even after bails hit in eyes in
    2016 match,he went to complete the second innings and fielded.
  • He has missed the birth of Ziva,as he was representing India in
    2015 World Cup and he said once for him National Duty is more important.
  • Dhoni Currenly owns 80+ bikes and has a racing team “Mahi Racing Team India“.
MS Dhoni Biography: 15 Years to Champion
Dhoni on the launch of Mahi Racing India
  • Yuvraj cancer report was first shared with Dhoni,as he was
    available there when the report came.
  • Ganguli taking off shirt after winning Natwest 2003 Trophy
    and Dhoni handing over is T-shirt to a kid after winning 2007
    T20 World Cup is the most iconic moment of Indian cricket team.

More Facts Continues :-

  • After the shameful exit in knock out matches in 2007 WorldCup
    Rahul Dravid stepped down as Indian Captain,It was Sachin Tendulkar who proposed Dhoni’s name for 2007 T20 World Cup.
  • Under Dhoni Captaincy India clinched down victory of 4-0 against Australia for the first time ever.
  • First player to have signed for 1.5 Million Dollars for first IPL edition.
  • Kohli player his first debut under Dhoni’s captaincy in 2008 Srilanka Tour.
  • Dhoni doesn’t like to wake up early on match day,and the reason
    he stated was because of this,he doesn’t have to think more about the game and don’t take much pressure.
  • Only World Captain to have scored century while batting at No.7 against Pakistan.
  • Dhoni and John Abraham has a common love i.e. Bikes,also both used to have long hairs.
  • He is the most loved cricketer and also a movie has been made on him “M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story”
MS Dhoni Biography: 15 Years to Champion
Poster of Dhoni’s Movie
  • Not many people know MSD has inclined towards football and used to do goalkeeping,In 1993 his coach KR Banerjee asked him to do wicket-keeping.

Lieutenant Colonel Dhoni and Revealing Knack of BowlOut :-

  • Dhoni is someone who has attached with Army,and being a Lieutenant Colonel he feels,daily life of soldier is tougher than YO YO test,
  • He has been honored as Colonel in 2011 by the Indian Territorial Army and has been given a place in Parachute Regiment but he doesn’t get salary from Army as he is not a regular officer but you can call it an Ambassador of Army.
  • Its been 12 years since Indian won the T20 World Cup,and Dhoni is someone who measures the situations before time and takes decision,he stated in an interview with The Quint how the team used to do Bowlout session before and after warmup which eventually worked for them when India defeated Pakistan in a bowl out match which was a tie.
  • Today world is mad over his “Helicopter Shot” but do you know the origin of it?He has learnt it from his friend Santosh Lal who passed away in 2013.
  • There are many MS Dhoni Biography books published on his name,Some of are :- The Dhoni Touch,Captain Cool: The M.S.Dhoni Story and Think and Win Like Dhoni.
  • Being a sportsman,he is also a responsible citizen and been a highest taxpayer sportsperson in 2012,2013 and 2014.

Stats :-

Batting Career Summary

Test :- In Test Dhoni Has played 90 matches and in 144 innings,he
has scored 4876 runs with an Average of 38.09 with 6 hundreds 1 two
hundred and 33 fifties on his name.
ODI :- In Odi he has played 350 matches and in 297 innings,he has
scored 10773 runs with an Average of 50.58 with 10 hundreds and
73 fifties on his name.
T20I :- T20 he has played 98 matches and in 85 innings,he has scored
1617 runs with an Average of 37.6 with 2 fifties on his name.
IPL :- IPL he has played 190 matches and in 170 innings,he has scored
4432 runs with an Average of 42.21 with 23 fifties on his name.

Bowling Career Summary :-

Test :- In 90 matches conceded 67 Runs with an Economy of 4.19 and has taken 0 wickets.
ODI :- In 90 matches conceded 31 Runs with an Economy of 5.17 and has taken 1 wicket.
T20I :- Dind’t bowl in 98 matches
IPL :- Didn’t bowl in 190 matches

Height,Weight,Hobbies and Likes :-

  • He is fan of Amitabh Bachchan and John Abraham in Bollywood.
  • In Bollywood singers,he likes Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar songs.
  • Idolizes Adam Gilchrist as a wicketkeeper.
  • Apart from cricket,he follows tennis and is a fan of Roger Federar.
  • He is 5ft8 inch in Height and weight is 75 kg.
  • Eye color is Dark Brown and hair color is Black.
  • His Hobbies are Biking,Playing Football,Tennis.
  • Favorite Athlete in Football is Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Favorite colors are Blue and Black.
  • He is a dog lover and has 2 pets named Zarah and Sam.

Awards :-

  • Second Indian player to have Dhoni received Khel Ratna Award in 2017 after Sachin Tendulkar.
  • Awarded as Padma Shri in 2009 and Padma Bhushan in 2018.
  • Dhoni had named as ICC player Of The Year in 2008 and 2009.
  • Received MTV Youth Icon of the year in 2006.
  • Has rewarded as ICC Award For Spirit Of Cricket in 2011.

Controversies :-

  • During the time of water crisis in 2017,he has alleged by his
    neighbors to have wasted water of 15,0000 liters for the
    maintenance of his swimming pool.
  • He has been a brand ambassador of Amarapali group but
    resigned from it as some of residents raised a campaign of logistics issues in the society.

Personal Relationship :-

  • In 2002,Dhoni had a girlfriend named Priyanka who died in a
    car accident and could never see Dhoni Play for India.
  • His name has also associated with Lakshmi Rai a South Indian Actress.
  • Finally,He had married to Sakshi on 4th July 2010 after dating
    her for 3 years,Sakshi has been Dhoni’s childhood friend and
    know each other very well.Both have been blessed with a daughter name called Ziva.
MS Dhoni Biography: 15 Years to Champion
MSD with his wife Sakshi Dhoni

News About Dhoni Movie :-

There is a news that there will be a part-2 of his previous movie “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story” where his journey from after 2011 World Cup to till now will cover.

Also there are many news about him everyday about his retirement but Dhoni hasn’t confirmed anything from his side.

That’s all from MS Dhoni Biography: 15 Years to Champion,Know more
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