Michael Blakey is a famous Record Producer,Musician,Talent
Manager,Tv Producer and one of the richest music producer
manager also known as Producer Michael who was born in
London,U.K.,he has also been part of many Tv shows and movies
,he is blunt and has no regert for what he has done now,he feels
you are what you are of the actions you have done,Know Michael Blakey Biography,Age,Height,Family,Networth & More :-

Quick Stats :-

Age :- 61 years
Born in :- 8th Dec.1958
Height :- 6’2″ feet
Weight :- 90 Kgs
Profession :- Record Producer,Musician and Talent Manager,Song Writer
Eye Color :- Brown
Hair Color :- Brown
Nationality :- British
Birthplace :- London, England

Personal Information :-

Name :- Michael Blakey
Also Known as :- Producer Michael
Spouse Sasha Blakey
Mother Name :- N/A
Known as :- Producer Michael
Relationship Status :- Married
Languages known :- Spanish,English and German

Favorites :-

Brand :- Roberto Cavalli
Cars :- Ferrari and Rolls Royce

Some Interesting Facts about Michael Blakey Biography :-

  • He has brought up in Madrid,he studied music in Madrid
    and Berlin.
  • When he was 16 he became the resident producer at Hansa
    Studios at Berlin Germany.
  • Thats where he started his career as a Producer hence got the
    name as Producer Michael.
  • Did alot of Drumming during his young age which also talks
    about in his videos.
  • Major contributor to the band Tidle Force,he was the Drummer
    for that band and they are best known for Will to Power and
    A Man Rides Through.
  • The first car he drove was FIAT 127 in Spain.
  • In 1980s and 1990s he worked as a drummer,composer and
    producer in U.S. and U.K.
  • Worked with great people like Julio Iglesias, Marry J, luther vandross,no doubt,Park,Michelle Wright and Willie Nelson
  • Beside this,he also worked for TV shows and movies,produced
    music for Cindrealla 2 : Dreams come true.

Founder of 2kSounds,Owns a Youtube Channel and Tv Show Producer :-

  • Michael also founded a record label 2KSounds with his partners
    John Guidon and Bruce Gladstone in 1999,one of the first few companies to promote music on Internet.
  • As his career moved on he eventually moved on to Label
    Executive and Later Artist Manager and soon started to manage clients,currently Michael owns a Management Company and
    has a website called www.starmanagement.com where some
    of the big clients are listed.
  • Also he is the president of Electra Star Management and has a
    website https://www.electrastarmgmt.com
  • Going by some sources his net-worth is calculated to be $60
    but it is way more than that because in his videos
    he has talked about having an own Jet and a Yacht which costed him around $28 Million.
  • Owns a Youtube Channel where he presents real state listings
    in Bevery Hills and Los Angeles.
  • One of the rumor is Michael owns Maserati at one point something around 1987 with 3 others investors for $3 Million and later revamped the company to further sell it.
  • Has collection of more than 100 watches.
  • As much as he loves Ferrari’s,he also denies the fact that he can drive everyday,though he drive Rolls-Roycs on everyday basis.
  • People always wonder,How did he end where he is now?or How did Producer Michael get so rich?and while answering in one of Q&A,he says that It is because of Determination and gives credit to his father for inspiring him.
  • One of the human ability he wishes to have is not to get Sea-Sick.
  • Has won Melody Maker Producer in 1993 and In 1995 named Promotion Man of the Year.

Some of the shows Michael Blakey has Produced and been Part of :-

  • Desperate Whitehouse
  • Sugarbaby
  • Supernova Star Search
  • Beverly Hills Moms
  • My Foreign Affair and many more
  • CMT Giants
  • Entertainment Tonight Canada
  • Pimp My Ride
  • Celebrities Uncensored
  • Top Gear
  • My Vh1 Music Awards
  • MTV Cribs
  • Total Request Live
  • The History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Top of The Pops 2
  • Paris
  • Dateline NBC
  • MTV Unplugged
  • Live With Kelly and Ryan
  • Minder

Personal Life :-

The 61 Year old Producer Michael Blakey married to Sasha Blakey in Feb.2008 and has a daughter who was born in August 2009.But according to some sources Michael and Sasha Blakey has been separated and Sasha Blakey is enjoying her single life.

Michael Blakey Biography,Age,Height,Family,Networth & More

Networth of Michael Blakey :-

The Famous Record Producer,Musician,Talent
Manager,Tv Producer and one of the richest music producer
manager Michael Blakey Networth is considered to $60 Million which includes his founded company 2KSounds,collection of watches and his major contribution to Electra Star Management .

Cars Collections :-

Michael Blakey who also owns the license to drive race cars and fly aircraft has a huge huge fan of cars just like the humble actor Keanu Reaves.The Producer has been seen many times driving supercars like Lamborghini Aventador,Range Rover,Rolls Royce ,Phantom ,Rolls Royce Wraith,Ferrari 458 Italia ,Ferrari 599 GTB and Ferrari 599VX aka Pegasus.These supercars clearly proves his love and likings about the cars.

Social Handles :-

Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/producermichael
Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/ProducerMichaelBlakey/
Twitter :- https://twitter.com/ProducerMichael