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Arvind Kejriwal is the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi and and is also known as “Muffler Man”,”Jhaadu Man” or “Aam Aadmi”,its fact that he has always made an impact with his actions and come a long way but do you know the biography of Arvind Kejriwal,his age,his marriage .Let’s know more here :-

Born :-

Mr.Arvind Kejriwal was born in Siwani , Bhiwani District,Haryana on 16th August 1968 and he was the elder one among two more siblings.His brother name is Manoj Kejriwal who is a software engineer in IBM,Pune and his sister is a doctor in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Bhel),Haridwar.His father name is Ram Kaejriwal and was an electrical engineer who graduated from Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra.Arvind Kejriwal was educated at Campus school in Hisar and at a Christian Missionary Holy school at Sonipat.

Since start Arvind Kejirwal was a bright student,In 1985 in IIT-JEE he scored 563 in All India Rank.He majored in Mechanical engineer and graduated from IIT Kharagpur.In 1989 he was posted in Jamshedpur and joined Tata Steel which he later resigned in 1992 to focus on his study for Civil Services Examination.While he was in Kolkata,he got the chance to meet Mother Teresa and volunteered with “The Missionary of Charity” also at the “Ramakrishna Mission” in North-East India and Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Arvind Kejriwal :- Career Start

After clearing Civil Services Examination,In 1995 Kejriwal joined IRS (Indian Revenue Service) as an Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax.In Nov.2000 Kejriwal was granted 2 years paid leaves to pursue higher education only in condition of not resign for 3 years once he resumed his work.He rejoined in the month of Nov.2002.Keriwal later then applied for 18 months sanctioned unpaid leave and In 2006 he resigned from his position as Joint Commissioner of Income Tax in New Delhi.Later Government claimed that Kejriwal violated the agreement for not working for them 3 years and also attempted to malign him due to his involvement with India anti-corruption movement however later  Kejriwal compensated by paying the the dues of Rs 9,27,787 by taking loans from his friends.

Raising Voice against Corruption :-

While working in Income Tax Department,Arvind Kejriwal with Manish Sisodia found a movement name Parivartan (means “Change”) in Sundar nagar area New Delhi in 1999,later In Jan 2000 to focus on the movement he took leave for some time.

Parivartan was a non-registered NGO which focused on public queries related to Public Distribution System,public works,social welfare schemes,electricity and income tax, which used to run on public donations.Later Kejriwal and Sisodia together opened a registered NGO and named “Kabir” on the name of philosopher Kabir which worked same like Parivartan but the only difference was it also used to received donations from institutional.

It was because of the PIL (Public Interest Litigation) filed for the discrepancy in public dealings of the Income Tax that the Delhi state government later enacted state level Right To Information (RTI) which later let citizens to access government records in just a small fee.Parivartan the NGO helped people for the completion of their work in government departments without having to pay a single penny as bribes.

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In 2003 and later in 2008 the non-registered NGO exposed PDS scam in which ration shop dealers were indulged in siphoning with civic officials,using RTI applications to access communication between government and World Bank for a project for privatization of water supply.

In 2006,Kejriwal was recognized as important contributor to the campaign for a national level Right to Information act along with other social activist like Anna Hazare,Aruna Roy and Shekar Singh.He was also given Ramon Magsaysay award for emergent leadership which helped poor New Delhi Citizen to fight against corruption.

The Start of Jan Lokpal Movement :-

2010 was the time when Kejriwal fought against the corruption in Commonwealth Games.He complained that CBI was unable to take any action against the guilty and also complaint to CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) for not taking any action against the guilty.He also advocated appointment of ombudsman.As per his views he wanted Lokpal at the centre and Lokayuktas in states.

It was 2011 year this is the time when Arvind Kejriwal joined other social activist like Kiran Bedi,Anna Hazare to form IAC (India Against Corruption).According to IAC they wanted Jan Lokpal Bill which would be in the favor of public.The campaign later evolved as India anti-corruption movement.The NAC (National Advisory Council) did drafted a bill in response to IAC demand but that was not satisfactory in view of IAC as it didn’t have enough powers to take action against prime minister and other officers.

During all this protests,Goverment formed a committee to draft a Jan Lokpal Bill and Kejriwal was also the part of the committee but his recommedations was ignored due to unequal positions in the IAC.

Anna Hazare and other activist intensified their protest through their hunger strike for which they later got arrested aswell and they had to given an written undertaking that they would not go to JP park for the protest.

Start of Political Career :- Arvind Kejriwal

AAP Formation

The reason for Kejriwal getting into Politics was as per government being a common man IAC had no right to dictate terms to the elected representatives.Kejriwal being a commoner had no choice but to get into politics to put his points.In Nov.2012,AAP was formally introduced and Arvind Kejriwal was the main face of the party.However formation of AAP also caused issue between Anna Hazare and Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal became one of the important face on social media when he decided to stand against Sheila Dixit in 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections.

The first round of becoming Chief Minister :-

Before 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly elections Sheila Dixit was ruling but Arvind Kejriwal changed the result in 2013 and defeated Sheila Dixit by 25,864 votes in which BJP got 31 seats and AAP got 28 seats.

Since AAP didn’t get the majority of seats,they formed the government with outside support from INC MLAs,one Janata dal MLA and one independent MLA.He (Arvind Kejriwal) became the second youngest chief minister of Delhi on 28th Dec.2013 (the day he sworn) after Chaudhary Brahm Prakash.

Being a chief minister of Delhi,he miserably failed to table the Jan Lokpal Bill,and he resigned from his post in just 2 months i.e. on 14th Feb.2014,and put allegations on industrialist Mukesh Ambani along with INC and BJP of being anti-corrupted.

Arvind Kejriwal before his resignation decided that he will not fight in Lok Sabha 2014 elections but it was party’s member decision that he agreed to fight in the contest against the BJP candidate Narendra Modi and lost by a huge margin of 3,70,000.

The second round of becoming Chief Minister :-

Arvind Kejiwal in 2015 Delhi elections stood aganst Nupur Sharma a.d beaten her by 31,583 votes and AAP made their government by getting 67 out of 70 constituencies,out of which 3 was won by BJP and INC won none.On 14th Feb.2015 he took oath for the second time as Delhi’s chief minister and this time the AAP goverment was able to approve the Jan Lokpal Bill with some differences.

During their tenure,AAP first set up the Mohalla clinics also known as primary health centers in 2015 and till 2018 Delhi had 187 clinics like that which served almost 2 million residents.They are also planning to expand more and have a target of 1000 clinics till 2020.These clinics main work is to offer basic essential health services which includes medicines,diagnostics and free of cost consultation.

Personal Life :-

Arvind Kejriwal has been married to Sunita since 24 years i.e. in 1995.Sunita too was a IRC offices of 1993 batch and on 2016 she got retired voluntarily as Commissioner of Income Tax.They both have 2 children,one is a daughter named Harshita and other one is son named Pulkit.

Controversies :-

Controversies has always been part of Arvind Kejriwal life and on many occasions he has asked for an apology after the allegations.

  • In 2014 he shared a list of most corrupted leaders in which he named Nitin Gadkari after that Gadkari immediately filed a defamation suit against Kejriwal however he later apologized to union minister Nitin Gadkari.
  •  He made allegations on Arun Jaitley for the irregularities in DDCA who later filed a 10 crore defamation suit on Kejriwal.
  • Kejriwal also made allegations on Bikram Majithia ,revenue minister of Punjab then, in involvement in drug trade,and Majithia filing defamation suit against Kejriwal and two other members against AAP,however Kejirwal apologized in Mar.2018 for the same.
  • Kejriwal and Sisodia also named in Delhi Chief Secretary assault case and was among 15 names.
Likes and Networth :-

Arvind Kejriwal favorite food is Poori,Kachauri,his favorite actor is Aamir Khan and favorite comedian is Kapil Sharma.He is a pure vegetarian and likes starting his day with Yoga.

His net-worth is considered to be 2 crore (As in 2015)

Achievements (the main ones) :-

  • In 2005 he was given Satyendra K. Dubey Memorial Award for bringing transparency in governance.
  • In 2006 he was given Ramon Magsaysay aware for Emergent Leadership.
  • In 2006 he was given CNN-IBN Indian of the year in Public Service.
  • In 2009 he was awarded grant and fellowship by Associate for Indian Development.
  • In 2010 he was given Policy change agent of the year along with Aruna Roy by Economic Times.
  • In 2011 he was awarded NDTV Indian of the year along with Anna Hazare.
  • In 2013 he was given CNN-IBN Indian of the year.
  • In 2014 he was featured in top 100 influential people in the world in Time’s 2014.
  • In 2016 he was ranked 42 among world’s 50 greatest leader  by Fortune.
  • In 2017 a documentary was released by the name of “An Insignificant Man” on his political journey.

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