Atif Aslam Biography – Age|Born|Life|Marriage|Songs|

Atif Aslam is well known singer of music Industry who rules on many hearts with his soulful voice.He is also called “Nawab of Asia” in the field of singing and it is indeed true as he never misses to touch hearts when he sings.But do you know the biography of Atif Aslam,formation of”Jal” his age,his marriage.Let’s know here :-

Born :-

Atif Aslam was born on 12th Mar.1983 (36 years).He was born in Wazirabad Pakistan before his father posted to Model Town Lahore when he was 10 years old.His father name is Muhammed Aslam and mother name is Rehana Shaheen.He spent his childhood in model town.His school was done from Kimberley High School Lahore and he graduated in computer science from Punjab Institute of Computer Science Lahore.His father was civilian and he was xcn,high way civil engineer and mother was home maker.Atif has 3 elder brother and he is the most youngest one,one of his brother named Shehzad is photographer and another brother Shahbaz is costumer designer who design costumes for Atif and the third one is Shehraz who runs Atif’s fan page and his website.

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In one of interview with “Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada” he said that being the youngest one from his four brothers he was very naughty and stubborn and most pampered one among his three brothers.So much so he wanted a toy for him everyday be it 1 rs,10 rs or 100 rupees.Since his chilhood he was kind,considerate and organised,he said in an interview during chilhood he used to clean his shoes with soap so that his mother doesn’t have to clean it.

Start of his career :-

Atif aslam is one of those few singers who has made fame in Indian music industry in a very short period of time with his soulful voice but do you know what he always aspired to be?In an interview given to Duniya news he mentioned that he always wanted to play cricket and he was also selected for U-19 Pakistan cricket team but his father wanted him to focus on studies and later on cricket.He never thought in his wildest dream that he would become such a big artist and loved by many and he is grateful to god for that.

He also said in an interview that his brother used to have around 5000 -6000 cassets in home and he grown up listening to them and later starting singing,he also said that it was his school friends who encouraged him to sing.

Learning Guitar and How Jal band was formed :-

During his college times,Atif Aslam had won many competitions in singing,but the first competition he won when he sang “Sar Kiye Ye Pahaar” in which he also got first prize in his college time.After that he started playing music and liking music.He learnt playing guitar when fortunately his brother’s friend guitar come to his house and he used to play it hours.

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During his college times only,he was intrigued towards to some of his seniors who would play guitar,and Atif approached them to work together and after that The Jal Band was formed which used to play for colleges and also performed for Mcdonalds.

How the band got its name “Jal” and how long did it last?

While growing up,Atif realised his favorite color is blue,and he says that since water is blue and he also has a friend whom he used to call “Blue” because of her deep thought that was the reason he kept the name “Jal” for the band.The band made 6-7 songs and the lasted for 3-4 years.

Why Jal got separated?

While asking to Atif in an interview with “Speak your heart with Samina Peerzada”,confessed that “that he wanted to be with Jal band and work with them and at the same time he wanted his brother(who was working for a marketing company) to become the manager of Jal band also the main lead had no objection with that,but Gohar the another team member had objection with it (because of some money issue) and he wanted his brother to be the manager of the band and that was the reason of the main cause of fight and he decided to quit jal band.After that Atif released his own album with the name “Jal Pari” in which many songs got popular like “Bheegi Yaadein”,”Ehsaas” and “Jal Pari” and “Doorie”.

Although he tried to fix issues with the Band but all efforts went in vain as the Band started attending tv shows in cities and on being asked about Atif Aslam who was the main lead,they cited the reason,”that due to some death at his home he couldn’t join with them”.

Breakthrough in Bollywood :-

Atif Aslam got his first breakthrough under Mahesh Bhatt in 2005 when he sang “Woh Lamhey” from the movie Zeher.After that he never looked back and few of them from his famous songs list like “Tere Bin”,”Pehli Nazar Main from Race”,”Piya O Re Piya from Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya”,”O Saathi from Baaghi2″,”Dil Meri na Sune from Genius”,”Dekhte Dekhte from Batti Gul Meter Chalu”which loved my many and got him recognition.

One of his song “Pehli Dafa” an album garnered 43 million in just 2 months and broken many records of T-series all previous songs.

Atif Aslam Biography - Age|Born|Marriage

Aadat the first song of Atif had recorded by him from his own pocket money without their parents aware of this.The song got famous so much so that finally their parents came to know about the song which has been sung by atif and uploaded on Youtube.

Coming from a middle ground family,Atif has reached to a height where some people could only dream of.It is also interesting to know that Atif never wanted to become singer in real instead he always wanted to be a cricketer.

Criticism and controversies :-

  • In 2010 a news got rumuored on facebook that Atif has throat cancer which created huge controversies as Atif was also shocked with this news.
  • Many people know that Atif started his career with Jal brand and he was criticized alot after he left the band, but such was Atif aura that after leaving Jal band he never minced a bad words towards the band however Jal Band never missed an oppotunity to critize Atif Aslam.
  • Also Many of the times he has been criticized by some big singers of Bollywood but instead of answering he has always won hearts with his voice without uttering anything a single words.

Likes and Networth :-

  • During childhood his favorite color is green however as he grown up,blue became his favorite color.
  • He loves cricket alot in sports,so much so that he wanted to be a cricket before he went to become a singer.
  • His favorite actress is Deepkia Padukone.
  • His favorite singers are Mehdi Hasan,Mohd.Rafi and Kishore Kumar.
His networth is considered to be $22 Million

Personal life and marriage with Sara Bharwana :-

While in college playing music for his college only,he formed a interest for a girl named “Sara Bharwana” which helped her alot in his passion for music and later he married to his long time Girlfriend in 29th Mar.2013 and both have a son named Ahad Atif Aslam who is as naught as Atif used to be in his childhood.

Achievement (The main ones) :-

  • Recorded three songs for Man Push Cart which was an American movie and has been rewarded for the same.
  • Youngest to have received Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) in 2008 which is the 4th highest decoration.
  • In 2010 he received Pakistan Media Awards for Best Singer Male.
  • In 2013 he received The Brand Laureate International Award for Brand Personality.