Hina Khan takes Inspiration from Salman Khan channelizing her time in sketching,shares her story through Instagram;

The world is currently sitting at home,doing nothing and avoiding
any type of contact with people, cutting ourself from people,at the
same time giving opportunity to experiment or try new things as the Coronavirus death toll/cases increasing day by day in different countries
be it India,Italy,Pakistan,Iran or USA.

Be it any Industry people,everyone is idle but Bollywood stars are making sure to make the most of the time trying new things,while we all are
getting self-quarantines.Everyone of us saw few days back how Salman
is investing his time to enhance his painting skills and now a new name
has been added who seems to be following the same path as Salman Khan.

Many of times we have seen Bhai making videos and sharing it on
social channels to show his hiddent talent to us,But not many of us
know that actor Hina Khan is also has keen interest for painting and
we have come to know about this through one of her Instagram story,
Here’s How,

In a recently shared story on Instagram,Hina Khan took to Instagram to show her superior Painting skills, In these stories she could be seen sketching something on a white paper with a pencil on his hand and
on the other stories she has a sketch mark on her fingers,calling it Sketching is the form of meditation

Before that she had shared another post in which she can be seen clapping for the heroes of pandemic where everyone in her society was up in their balconies,cheering and applauding on their own way and making
their contributions.

Check Out her Video :-

Let’s see what Hina Khan has for us in her story while we wait for her next stories or paintings to upload for her fans.