Alia Bhatt is an Indian Bollywood actor and is girlfriend of Ranbir Kapoor.She is also loved by many people especially among youth because of her cuteness.She has given good performances in movies like “Highway”,”Raazi” and “Udta Punjab” and has been awarded for her performances apart from all this do you know Alia Bhatt Biography,Age,Height,Weight,Marriage,Social Handles & More :-

Born :-

  • Alia Bhatt was born on 15th mar 1993 (26 years) in Mumbai Maharashtra.
  • Alia’s has competed schooling in Jamnabai Narsee School India.
  • Her mother name is Soni Razdan and father name is Mahesh Bhatt and she has another daughter named Shaheen Bhatt
  • It is also noticeable that Soni Razdan is Mahesh Bhatt’s second wife,from her first wife Kiran.
  • Mahesh bhatt has one son Rahul Bhatt and one daughter Pooja bhatt.
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  • Her best friend is Akansha Ranjan Kapoor and both are friends since childhood.
  • Since childhood,She has alaways been an average student but likes to take part in extra-curriculum activities where she would do good.
  • Alia since childhood always wanted to become an actor.
  • Alia’s nickname is Aloo and she also said that her mother calls her Aloo Kachalu and her father calls her “Heroine”.

Debut in Bollywood :-

Being a star kid,she could have easily got into Bollywood,but
Mahesh Bhatt made her give career test in the presence of
Emraan Hashmi and other family members.Do you know from
which movie she started her Bollywood career?If you all have
guessed SOTY  then I’m sorry to break the ice,it was not SOTY
it was “Sangharsh” where she played the childhood role of
Preity Zinta.
Some people think she is a product of Nepotism but from her acting
she proved that she has talent although coming from a star family,she
made her different identity and did movies like “Raazi” “Highway”,“Gullyboy” and “Udta Punjab” which was praised
by audience and by critics.

Some Interesting Facts about Alia Bhatt :-

  • She has British citizenship because her mother is also a British.
  • In 10th standard around 17 years old when she got into her first relationship which lasted for 2 years.
  • During childhood, when she was in 6th class,while dieting,she got fainted in sports period.
  • She had shredded 17 kgs of weight before she Debuted for “Student Of The Year”, And SOTY happened just before she was going to join Drama school.
Alia Bhatt Biography -Age|Born|Height|Weight
One more Image of Alia Posing
  • She had given audition to play Rani Mukherjee’s childhood character in “Black” movie but not got selected.
  • According to Alia she gets most compliments for her nose.
  • She believes she can sleep for 12-13 hours if given a chance.
  • Although Alia became actress in a small age,but she once said always wanted to give time to herself of 3-4 years before getting into acting.
  • She takes a cheat diet once in a 15 days and other time she follows a strict diet.
  • She was hardcore non-vegetarian but now turned into vegan.
  • According to Alia she is a secretive person and doesn’t like to share her emotions.
  • She likes to do painting a lot and and she says If she wasn’t an actor she would go abroad to learn arts.
  • Likes to have curd a lot,so much so that she can have it with pasta aswell.
  • She said in an interview with “Jitesh Pillai” that she wants to open a restaurant and also wanna be a creator.
  • She sometimes drink and she also practices Belle dance.
More Facts Continues :-
  • Her dream role is Biopic of singer “Nazia Hassan”.
  • Earlier she had zero interest in fashion but now she has keen interest in fashion and also she is doing some clothing business.
  • She consider herself moody,floaty,fire and desire.
  • Mohit Suri and Emraan Hashmi is Alia’s cousin.
  • Siddharth Malhora met Alia first on SOTY sets and fell for her.
  • She is one of the highest paid actors.
  • She has been named in under 30 Forbes list.
  • Ayan and karan is also her best friends.
  • She hates people who talk behind.
  • She likes to sleep at night with lights on.
  • Since chilhood she liked television world and she used to think only dance is the important thing after seeing Govinda’s dance this is the reason she started focusing on her dancing skills and is good at it.
  • She has lent her voice in 6 songs.
Alia Bhatt Biography -Age|Born|Height|Weight
  • Her fans compares her from Jeniffer Lawrence because of her acting skills.
  • In One of the interview with “Jitesh Pillai” for Filmfare,she mentioned that she likes men perfumes alot.She also mentioned whenever an actor comes on stage,she smells the  perfume of her co-actor just to make sure that she hasn’t missed any new perfume of men.
  • She believes Arjun has a good choice in perfumes and the Randeep Hooda has worst choice.
  • She considers Varun Dhawan as annoying actor as he was constantly tell director to give a re-shoot despite of shot being good.
  • On being asked which movies of his dad she would like to get cast?She mentioned “Sadak”
  • She shares her birthday with Will.I.Am,Eva Longoria and Yo Yo Honey Singh.
  • Alia always had crush on Ranbir which have been proved time to time earlier,during “Koffee With Karan” she took Ranbir name 2-3 times.


Call it her cuteness or a little dumbness she is always created controversies around her between youngsters for her general knowledge and because of that some people consider her as dumb.

  • One of the famous controversies she was first of when she
    went to “Koffee with Karan” with Varun Dhawan and
    Siddhartha Malhotra
    and on being asked about the
    president of india,she answered “Prithviraj Chauhan
    which also made her famous overnight and created tons
    of memes too.Later she got upset with this but admitted
    her dumbness when she created a video AIB and made
    fun of herself.
Alia Bhatt Biography -Age|Born|Height|Weight
  • Another was a stage show controversy which  happened during
    “Saifai Mahotsav”,to which Salman Khan supported her citing
    that she is a kid and her work should be appreciated.After that
    time in one of the interview Alia admitted aswell being a
    national celeb,she must have knowledge of political issues.

Storymaker :-

As good as Alia in acting,do you know she also loves making fake stories?Alia also call herself a storymaker,she admitted it in one of the interview with “Jitesh Pillai”,she said that during childhood whenever
her mother grandmother used to call her and ask what she is doing?,
She always used to say that she is watching “Ab Ke Baras” and there is
a frog sitting next to him,also she said during childhood she used to go
to JP Dutta house and tell him that her mother doesn’t clean her feets.

Likes,Zodiac,Height,Weight and Favorite Actors :-

  1. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  2. She is an Atheist.
  3. Her Hobby is singing.
  4. Her hair color is Brown.
  5. Alia Favorite Hollywood actress is Kim Kardashian and from Bollywood its Kareen Kapoor and from actor its
    Leonardo DiCaprio.
  6. Favorite cuisine is Chinese
  7. Her height is 5’1″ in feet.
  8. Weighs around 68 Kgs.

Personal life and relationship with Ranbir :-

  • She has a first boyfriend during childhood when she was in 6th standard with Ramesh Dubey and both have been seen together many times.
  • Alia Bhatt previously in relationship with Sidharth Malhotra but didn’t publicize their relation.Both have been caught many times together by Paparazzi.
  • Currently Alia bhatt is dating Ranbir Kapoor,both have a age difference of 12 years.
  • Alia considers Ranbir a special person and It is rumuored that Ranbir and Alia will be tying knot soon.

Networth and charge per movie :-

She charges 10 crore/film and her Networth is considered to be 25 crore.

Achievements and Awards (The main ones ) :-

  • In 2013 for Student of the year she got Best Female Debut by Times of India.
  • In 2015 for Highway she got Filmfare Critics awards.
  • Won Filmfare Best Actress for Udta Punjab in 2017.

Social Handles :- Alia Bhatt