Akshay Kumar is not happy at all and rightly so the actor who has taken the toll to aware people about the current dangerous COVID-19,Despite of maximum efforts by the stars and Honourable Prime Minister advisory for people to stay at home to not get in contact with the virus,peole doesn’t seem to give much heed to it and for no reasons coming out and risking their lives.

In a recently shared video on his Twitter handle Akshay looked angry
with the behaviour of people coming out of their home for no reason,despite of the warnings and giving so much precautions advisory.

He once again in the video,appealed people to understand the meaning
of Lockdown and asked them to stay at their home and said that Its for
you and your family.Starting the video,by appealing to forgive him if he utters something rubbishes,Akshay seen speaking of his heart :-

The Sooryavanshi Star on 20th Mar.2020 also has shared a video on his twitter handle in which he asked people to stay Quarantine and didn’t mind to point some people who is roaming outside,attending parties and marriages despite of being asked isolated.

After Honorurable Prime Minister Modi speech on Coronavirus,people have been continiously asked to avoid going outside until or unless it is very important and recently 30 States has been locked down with few of the cities has Section 144 imposed.

The Khiladi Kumar has also supported the decision of PM in which people were asked to clap or clang utensils at 5:30pm,Akshay clanged Thalis along with Hrithik Roshan and Sajid Nadiadwala from his Balcony but seems like all hardwork looked vain as people coming out after 5 pm in the name of support,making contact with each other.

Check out the Video Here :-

So What do you think?Is it right to go out and show solidarity for
the doctors and nurses who is fighting for us in such a crucial times?